Wednesday, February 21, 2018 08:46


Our team is where everything comes together for our clients.  We have assembled sales and marketing strategists, creative directors, advertising and PR experts, social media gurus and retail channel champions who work together to build marketing and branding programs that make our clients a success.

Research — We work with our clients to take the most accurate pulse on the problem or sales opportunity at hand.

Strategy — The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  We set sales and marketing strategies to achieve clients goals in the most direct, quickest ways possible to add revenue.

Web — The web is the perfect tool to build an image for your company and its unique product and services.  We help our clients develop the right web presence and then drive traffic through SEO and other programs.

Public Relations — PR is not you saying good things about your company or products or services.  We work with our clients to get influencers and the media to say good things — publishing news to the masses.

Advertising — Our clients have a message and we deliver it through on-message creative and targeted media planning, reaching the right audiences with incentives to purchase.

Social Media — Social media is about reaching out and engaging customers in an online conversation and relationship.  We put social media programs in place that put a human face on our clients.

Retail Sell-in — For our consumer product clients we bring in our retail sell-in teams to help make cash registers ring … well beep actually.

eCommerce — When selling online is a better strategy, we build the ecommerce website and tools to drive sales, and then promote through new and traditional media channels.