Wednesday, February 21, 2018 08:45

Our philosophy and approach

About Us

Who is your market and what is your share of it? How strong is your reputation? Is your business growing? Are you selling more products?

It’s what we do for our clients!  We launch new products, persons and companies in the marketplace and help them increase their market share.

We know that results matter most! We build sales and marketing programs based on client objectives and strategies to ensure every action and every dollar is working toward specific results.

We offer the complete package from research through execution to financial results.

For our consumer product clients we set strategy, develop brands, create product packaging and launch retail channel strategies.  Then we implement marketing programs of advertising, social media, PR and merchandizing to drive sell through.

For our professional services clients, we set strategy, develop organization positioning, create websites and marketing materials.  Then we implement advertising, social media and PR programs to deliver messages and influence decision makers.

Revenue-Sharing Model

We aim to be different. Besides delivering cutting edge results, we offer a new revenue model different from other marketing groups.

If you are an entrepreneur, you know all about risk and rewards.  We’re entrepreneurial too.  Where financially feasible, we will take on some risk in the form of commission on product sold.  Let’s discuss.  Email