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How Any Business Can Benefit From Public Relations

It’s a fact that in spite of public relations going on all around us, very few people have a complete understanding of what public relations or PR actually is. The fact is that all truly successful business entities use some form of public relations, whether or not the people who run them are even aware of it. So what exactly is public relations and why is it important that all companies engage in it?

PR – Monitoring, Controlling and Influencing Public Opinion – Put in its simplest terms, public relations is the process by which a person or business entity monitors, controls and influences how they and the services or products that they market are viewed or interpreted by the public and in many instance their employees. Like it or not, without the support and approval of the public, a company or person would in due time see their bottom line fall into the red.

New Rules in the Game Of Public Relations – In recent times some commonly held beliefs on public relations have been completely turned upside down due to changing economic conditions. The lagging economy and new trends in globalization for instance have seen new rules to the game of public relations being introduced and old rules dashed. For instance, one commonly held belief was that the smaller a company was, the more impervious they were to periods of poor public opinion.

Lost Golden Public Relations Opportunities – However; recent TV images of automobile company execs appealing to American taxpayers for their very survival has left a lasting impression on many experts in public relations. You can bet that these humbled executives are now kicking themselves in the seat of the pants over missed golden PR opportunities that they failed to capitalize on years past.

The Advent of “Green” Public Relations – One new area of public relations that continues to gain momentum is what can best be described as “green PR”. Basically, it’s the means by which a business entity convinces the public that they are being environmentally responsible. The problem however, is that far too often it can be very costly, even prohibitively expensive for a company to institute the “real” changes that are necessary to truly become environmentally or “carbon” friendly.

Getting Maximum “Bang for the Buck” From Green PR – Hence; it is imperative that companies that are engaged in “green PR” get the maximum bang for the buck with regards to any changes that they have made. In this way they will be better able to garner maximum profits from their initial efforts and expenses and thereby be better able to institute new further changes and hopefully gain maximum momentum over their competitors.

Conducting a Successful Online Public Relations Campaign – The presidential campaign of Barack Obama demonstrated how truly effective online PR campaigns can be today. In fact it was his ability to beat out his competition in online fund raising, in spite of the fact that the average donation amount was the smallest, was duly noted as being perhaps the most instrumental factor in his success. The fact is that the same public relations (principles and techniques) that he used online “can be used” in your web based PR campaign.

Mobile Advertising – The Evolution of Advertising

The world of technology is evolving, and with that evolution the way advertising is done is beginning to change as well. Gone are the days when the only way to advertise was billboards and television commercials. The revolving door of change has discovered another market. Mobile advertising is gaining popularity among marketing crews.

Why Mobile Advertising – According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) this market has been growing since 2007. More people use wireless electronic devices to give and receive information. Text messaging was the most popular form of communication in 2008. According to the IAB report nearly 70,000,000 more people used text messaging more than the web.

Who Are The Targets – Data was compiled comparing three ethnicities: White, African American, and Hispanic. The Hispanic community came out on top in each category. However the White population followed within 10%. The African Americans also followed within 20% of the Hispanics. So what does this mean? It means that the difference is not significant enough to target one particular ethnicity. The bottom line is that mobile devices are used a significant amount across ethnic lines.

What To Do Now? – Mobile advertising is a ripe market, and the capsizing of it begun a long time ago. Now a person can receive an advertisement in their text message inbox. It’s generally a short, simple message advertising a product or service. If the owner of the cell phone finds interest there is usually a phone number, email, or website.

General Public’s Response – Some people are fine with the whole advertising through text messages. However, there are a few people who do not like it at all. Invasion of privacy is how it is viewed. Advertisements are everywhere, and it just does not seem fair that a person is subjected to marketing on a personal phone.

What To Do About It? – At the end of the text message there is generally a website that can be visited. At this site a person can unsubscribe from receiving text messages in the future. Sometimes the only action that is needed is to call the number and request that the phone number is removed from the mailing list.

Admittedly, this is an inconvenience on the consumer’s part, but what should be considered is that in a world of growing technology inconvenience is inevitable.  Mobile advertising has already begun to make its mark, and it will continue to do so.

Optimize for better search results

Believe it or not, there are lots of internet sites not optimized for search engines.  This means that interested surfers won’t even have a clue that your website is out there, when it could offer them the exact thing they are looking for.

If you are nervous about how your site ranks among websites, you need search engine marketing services. These services usually spotlight their scrutiny upon three main areas: 1) incoming links; 2) your content; and 3) your keywords. These factors are important to search engines and will result in your website being placed higher in results.

The first crucial step is a competitive analysis. This will help determine which firms are in the top ten rankings for certain keywords and why they are presently there.

The second important aspect is keyword research to see which keywords are used by possible audience and how competitive these keywords are. Without proper keywords, your internet site is not obvious to your niche audience looking for what you have got to offer.

A search engine review will use page optimization to determine which keywords are emphasized on numerous pages. This will make sure that your set of keywords is employed correctly through your site so that you show up for all keywords you are targeting.

Website usability and functionality are also important. Without a site that’s easy to navigate, your audience will become disenchanted and exit your site quickly which isn’t good for business.

Off page optimization such as link building is the subsequent area which will be concentrated on by search engine promoting services companies. Link building is important because this is a factor in search engine listings.

You may also think about using paid search engine promoting such as Adwords. This is an option some search engine promoting specialists will endorse as you can get your website in front of your audience faster than organic search engine promoting optimization efforts.

Straight Talk on Social Media

Many companies have thrown themselves straight into the social media pool, but without testing the waters first.  They have quickly set up a facebook pages and then wonder why they only have 15 friends.  Or they post videos on You-Tube and quickly become discouraged that only a handful of people have watched the videos that company spent hours and resources producing.

All social media marketing must be approached as all other marketing activities.  It should be well planned, have a distinct set of goals and the appropriate resources assigned to it.

It’s also necessary to remember that although the majority of applications are free to use, your time, or the staff that you have assigned to manage your campaigns time is not. You should ensure that the marketing budget accounts for the time invested on these planned activities.  Time is money.

Choose which social media applications are right for your company and marketing goals. Not all platforms may be appropriate to your company.  For example, if you are promoting lifestyle resorts for the over 50’s demographic then myspace is not a suitable platform for you.

Conduct research of the different platforms readily available, age demographics, average household finance situation of consumer groups, etc. and marry these against your personal customer demographics, CRM profiles.

In other words, ensure that have a specific purpose for entering the social media space and set goals to achieve, such as improving revenue, building brand recognition, and so forth.

Email Advertising and Opt-In List Building

Nowadays many companies realize the significance of email marketing.  With mobile devices, email marketing reaches targeted audiences as swiftly and as directly as possible.

Although spamming is a serious offense, with new laws and regulations forthcoming, creating opt-in lists of your customers helps target messages and products, and protects your company.
Opt-in lists refer to list of email addresses of individuals who have agreed to subscribe to your mailing list. In this way, you are able to freely send emails with promotions, new product announcements, and aspects of advertising campaigns.

When you develop an opt in list, you do not only improve the probability of being successful in email advertising but also boost your sales as well.

There are two kinds of opt-in lists: single opt-in and the double opt-in or the confirmed opt-in.

In building single opt-in lists, use a “sign-up tag” on your website so that each time a person visits your website, he or she can opt-in to subscribe inside the business’ email list.

A confirmed opt-in list or double opt-in entails a confirmation message after the customer had subscribed to the particular website’s email list.  Typically, the confirmation takes place by replying on a system-generated message that asks for a confirmation of the subscription or by clicking on a link that entails the confirmation of the customer.

Whatever kind of opt-in list you prefer, this provides permissions without being labeled a spammer.

Pump Up Your Email Campaigns

To increase internet sales, it’s more important than ever that each of your email marketing campaigns contribute as much as possible to the bottom line. To help you with this effort, following are three tips that you can put to work to build your email marketing muscle and pump up conversions and campaign results.

Muscle Builder #1: Maintain a Quality Email List
The most important part of any email marketing program is list management. Your primary goal should be to create the largest possible list of responsive and qualified customers and then manage it well. It may be tempting to simply grow the largest email list you can. But if that database contains unqualified prospects, all you’ll have is a large list with little potential for delivering a large return. Keep in mind that list building is an ongoing process. According to research, email lists churn at a rate of about 30 percent annually, so even if you’re currently satisfied with your list, you need an ongoing opt-in program just to maintain that volume.

Muscle Builder #2: Create Relevant Email Content
After a quality list, quality content is the most important part of your email marketing campaign. Without the right (relevant) content, you risk low response rates, high unsubscribe rates and spam complaints. You may even risk email deliverability issues that can be difficult, and costly, to fix. Use preference center information, Web analytics, demographics and other data at your disposal to create content that will be relevant and meaningful to your prospects.

Muscle Builder #3: Test, Test, Test for Optimal Email Campaign Performance
The very nature of email marketing – sending out a communication that invites a response – means that you’ll always have the opportunity to know what performed well and what fell short. Over time, you’ll be able to refine your email program to eliminate low performing campaigns and focus your budget and time on campaigns that drive the best results.

It’s important to note that testing is an ongoing commitment, not a one-time effort. Each send is an opportunity to learn and improve for next time. If you test two email campaigns against each other, you’re not done. Now, refine based on what you learned and test again. Don’t make all of your decisions based on one result. Every single email campaign should contain a testing component to help you refine your programs over time.

Email marketing continues to be one of the most efficient and effective marketing methods available to marketers today. But there is still a significant difference in the ROI obtained from optimized campaigns versus those that are not. And optimization often means just getting the basics right. Failure to do so can dilute the chances of realizing your email campaigns’ money-making potential. By checking to make sure you’re using these simple email marketing muscle builders, you’re just steps away from an increased return on investment and more money for your company’s bottom line.

How to Use Public Relations to Generate Buzz

The key to the success of any business lies in having a plan for effective public relations marketing in place. Whether a business is centered around real estate, product sales, service providing or education and training, the benefits of public relations marketing can be clearly identified by increased revenues on the bottom line. Regardless of the quality of the product or service being offered, if people don’t know if exists, they won’t be able to purchase it. Successful public relations marketing can generate goodwill relationships with customers, advertise sales and specials to attract new business, and put smaller companies on the map using public and media contacts. Developing good public relations is a great way to increase your business and profits.

Who Uses Public Relations Marketing?  Many large corporations have specific departments devoted exclusively to public relations, but most smaller businesses do not have the resources available to generate their own public relations marketing. Because of this, it is often beneficial for such companies to hire an external public relations marketing firm. The cost of contracting a public relations service can be quickly recouped by the profits from the new customers that the P.R. firm will draw to a business. Implementing a public relations marketing strategy is a quick way to get the word out on new products, services or businesses in the marketplace. Hiring an independent public relations firm can turn a small business into a major business in a short amount of time.

Typical Public Relations Marketing Services – There are many diverse services offered by public relations marketing firms that all serve to drive revenue to a business. Whatever the public relations needs of a company, specific contracts can be agreed upon to utilize all or some of the services available. Some typical public relations services can include:

* Mass mail advertising
* Publicizing announcements to local, national or global media contacts
* Trend or product based articles positioned in media outlets
* Press events and the development of press kits
* Web based marketing strategies and implementation
* Promotional event planning
* Market research and analysis
* Development of product incentives

Different PR marketing personnel are effective in diverse areas. Depending on the needs of a specific business, choosing the right type of people can positively affect the success of the endeavor. Promotions managers are skilled in handling public events, developing promotional strategies and incentive programs. Marketing managers are more concerned with understanding the current market and making sure that advertising strategies are targeting the appropriate demographics. Simple public relations marketing and media contact distribution are best served by a general public relations firm. Most public relations firms will consult with a business prior to contract initiation to decide on the most effective course of action and the personnel necessary to implement the strategy. Getting help from a professional provider can make the difference in whether a not a business is ultimately successful.

Are You Social Media Challenged?

Remember that kid from high school, you know the one who really didn’t know how to socialize with others. He would make inappropriate comments, add irrelevant content to a conversation, or just try to impress you with how smart they were by using big words. We often refer to these types of people as, “socially challenged”. Are you socially challenged in your social media marketing?

The main reason that people become socially challenged is that they did not have the chance to experiment and see what social aspects are acceptable and which are not, what actions gained friends and what actions gained enemies, what actions got praise and which got ridicule, frankly how to not only be social but be socially acceptable.

With the advent of the Social Media Age, people are jumping in without understanding the rules of the playground and have thus become social media challenged in an arena that focuses on being socially acceptable. The following is a short list to help you be more social.

1-Be social – It is important that you are not only posting content, but that you are also reading and commenting on others content. There are some obvious reasons to do this, such as building links back to your site but it is even more important that you are being social. The most important thing to remember here is that you are reading the content. Your goal should be to understand what the blogger is saying, then make a thoughtful and intelligent comment. Whether you agree or disagree, make sure you add to the conversation. For example lets say you are commenting on this blog:

“Good Job, loved the content, keep it coming ;0)”

This is a terrible comment. It is idle praise. Don’t do it on blog comments.

“Fantastic analysis… insightful analysis of verbal and written media”

Quit trying to impress us with how smart you are. You have offended most of the readers and all you have proven is that you are socially challenged.

Remember that we are trying to be social and add to the conversation and get people interested in what we do and what we think. We are really looking for friends and the more friends you have the easier it is to be social.

2-Write your own content about another person – People who are taking the time to put content on the internet are excited to know that somebody read it, commented and then shared with others. Think about this from a social aspect.  This not only adds credibility to your conversation, but also gets the original person interested in what you are saying.

3- Don’t push people down the slide – There are a lot of people who write content that may not have been completely thought out.  But it does not help the situation if you are the bully at the top of the play ground pushing everyone down the slide. Not only is this not socially acceptable it’s just mean!

4-Become the expert – In the world of social media there are thousands of pieces of content written daily but only a handful of people are commenting. A recent study suggested that of all the comments that are being written 90% of them are written by the same 10% of people. Not only will you be learning how to be social, but you will soon be recognized as an expert in your field. Start by looking for the most influential people in your arena but don’t forget to keep looking for new and fresh content.

5-Invite a friend over – One of the first things we learned as young people is that you can learn a lot from a person if you invite them over to play or have dinner.  You can do the same thing for your blog and content. Not only does it help you to establish better relationships and really be social but it also exposes your content to a larger audience. By having a guest blogger you not only expose your product/service to your clients but also the guest blogger’s clients as well.

At the end of the day you need to look at your social media as just that; being social, not just trying to sell product and services. People buy from people. They like to know who you are and the more they know about you and your expertise they more likely they are to not only buy from you but stay with you and refer others to you.

Internet Marketing Explained

When internet marketing began in the early 1990’s it was primarily a forum for companies to provide product descriptions to customers using text.  But as technology progressed over time these companies were soon using more advanced graphics to promote their products.

After realizing how much potential there was in this type of marketing the virtual doors of business were soon thrown open. This virtual world of on online transactions now became the primary mode of business as opposed to bricks and mortar operations.

There are many ways to market online including things like articles, email and blog marketing, to search engine optimization and pay per click and pop up ads. Different methods will give various amounts of success depending on what suits your style of marketing.

Some parts of the business may require you to learn some new skills, but hey isn’t that what happens in all new ventures. Although internet marketing has become a key component of many regular bricks and mortar businesses there are a number of online businesses that are challenging their regular business model counterparts in the sector of retail sales.

A few examples of this in action are business to consumer marketing, business to business marketing and peer-to-peer marketing. Many internet businesses have great idea’s, including services where you can find other products to bid on to help your existing business.

There are many benefits to online marketing for the consumer including being able to purchase anything at anytime from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection. Increasing levels of speed and technology have contributed to the ease with which you can shop online.

Years ago there were some challenges working online, due to bad internet connections and some problems with online security, but they are largely a thing of the past. This improvement will continue over time with more and more government focus coming to bear on identity theft issues.

In terms of ease of work, the internet provides a great platform for success. Anyone can learn how to commit to being successful as there is a multitude of help out there. All a person really needs to do is to choose a correct program to help them succeed, and of course much of the relevant software needed is free.

Simply look to a successful marketer and follow his/her teachings, there are many great teachers out there who can give you the advice needed. If you follow the path of great teaching products, then success is almost inevitable, but give it time.

Squeeze More Income with Online Leads Generation

Genuine success in business results from making revenue by satisfying customers. The Information superhighway has given many companies an opportunity to grow by increasing their market share. Half truths and overstatement has caused many companies to invest a lot in unproductive websites. Developing an attractive online brochure will not automatically bring in targeted prospects. Neglecting the marketing aspects of lead generation in favor of artistic excellence may get you a lot of compliments but very few sales. Savvy Internet marketers apply specific principles to driving traffic and building cyber communities around their niche so as to create a steady revenue.

Regardless of your current web based status, you have to have a web presence that focuses exclusively on generating leads and educating customers and prospects. Making a lead generating online system is not difficult if you know very well what you’re doing. There are specific steps you can take that will work online and off-line to speed up your bottom line. You initially need to know who your ideal prospects are and what they’re looking for on the Internet access.

Advertising is about attracting attention to your business. The vast majority of promotional efforts fail at generating sales. That’s because the purpose of advertising is to get people to know who you are and what you do. Marketing designs a message and finds those that will best answer it. The Internet can let you focus your message sharply on very specific targets using many tools. Direct response marketing is a robust technique for reaching your target audience and getting them to take action. We now have the opportunity to mix the prospecting power of the Web with direct marketing principles in a winning formula.

Prior to the Web, direct marketing appeared most often within your mailbox. Each day the average consumer sorts through 10 to 15 pieces of mail and generally keeps what they consider important. For instance, a bit of knowledge detailing a special offer on carpet cleaning reaches resident who has been considering using such a service. The resident might keep that available for further reference. From the many hundreds of offers sent out lower than 3% may result in further action.

One of the major goals of direct marketing is not to sell to everyone but instead, to get the right people at the right time. At any given moment, 3% of the public are ready to buy what you have to offer. The challenge is to find a way to connect your message with the people at the right time. One solution is to gather a huge group of people with a common interest in your niche then prompt them on a regular basis that you are there. This allows you to communicate with them about your corporation in exchange for useful information.

Getting sales from your website could be your final goal but a more powerful use of your web presence is forming a community around your niche. Once you’ve mastered the steps to driving traffic to your site, your focus is required to be on getting your prospects to make small ongoing commitments. Building a sales funnel requires attracting a large lots of potential customers in the front and end working with them through all the stages essential to complete the sale.

When a prospect becomes a subscriber, they have now participated in the follow process. The company now has the opportunity to foster a relationship and close the sale. The process may be simple or complex based on the nature of the product or service and the market itself. The Information superhighway offers firms a low cost and unique way of connecting and maintaining a relationship with both prospects and customers.

Establishing a community around your services and products is a fantastic way to make sure dramatic growth in your business. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or scrap your website if you have one. You can create targeted online programs to reach specific audiences for your sales funnel. The variety of direct marketing techniques, small organizations are able to double their income in less than 12 months by applying practical principles online. With a bit of coaching you can do it too.

Get To Know Your Blog Readers

Engaging your readers in your blog won’t work very well if you don’t know your readers. Think of this in terms of daily conversations.

Conversations with people you don’t know well are usually brief. Conversations with old friends whom you know well tend to run much longer and are often followed up later with more information about your discussion. Your blog is an excellent platform to develop relationships with and really get to know your customers. Invite reader interaction with calls to action. The more you interact with readers the more you will get to know them and be able to provide information that they are looking for.

Respond promptly to all questions in your blog comments. If one readers is brave enough to ask a question there are likely many others who have the same question. By answering the question to that person you are sending the message that you are accessible. You are also cultivating further conversation about the topic not only with the individual questioner but also with others who have further questions about your answer to the original question.

Every time I read a blog and find that my questions have already been answered via the comments section I am appreciative of both the questioner and the blogger who has responded. As a result, I am much more inclined to read that particular blog in the future.

You may also want to get some technical information about your readers by accessing analytic information. Through Google Analytics you can find out where your readers are coming from whether it be direct traffic, email links or links from other websites.  Once you know where they are coming from you can cater to those platforms in order to create a greater convenience for them. This is important because the less effort they have to exert to find you the more inclined they will be to actually read your blog.

It is important to better understand your reader and adjust your information accordingly because they want to know that the relationship you are creating is beneficial to them. Ultimately they need to know that the time they are investing in reading your blog is time well spent. Keep in mind that your readers are people who have needs and wants. If they aren’t getting what they are looking for in your blog they will go elsewhere to find it. Share your examples of inviting interaction and learning about your readers in the comments below.

Get More Twitter Followers

I’ve talked with many people who get frustrated with the amount of time they are putting into their Twitter account and the minimal results they are getting from their time investment. Part of blog marketing is pushing your blog links out to your Twitter followers but first you need Twitter followers.

So the dilemma is how do you increase your Twitter following? Here’s how to easily and effectively amp up a twitter following:

1. Twitter Search: Use twitter search to find people who are active in your industry.  Click on their list of twitter followers and start following each of their followers. As you probably know, when you start following a twitter user, they will receive a notification telling them that you are now following. If they find that you are someone they would like to follow in return, they will follow you. This is a great way to let more people know about you who might not have found the opportunity to otherwise. The point of building a twitter following isn’t just to have more followers but the main purpose is to find people who would be interested in what you have to offer.

2. Twellow: is a great resource to track your twitter followers and those you are following. When you are completing step 1 of this process you need to keep in mind that there is a ratio of follower to following cap. You must have a certain ratio of people who are following you in order to continue following others. Twellow can help you manage this.

3. The “friends” feature on Twellow can show you who you are following and how many of them are mutually following you. After a day or two of following someone who is not a power tweeter, you can un-follow them in order to make room for others you would like to follow. On the other hand, when I follow someone who only has 29 followers and they don’t follow me back I will probably stop following them.

4. The “Followers” feature on Twellow allows you to see who is following you in Twitter. You can go through this list and start following any one of your followers who you are not currently following already.

5. Repeat the process. Once you have completed these steps and have built a substantial twitter following you can be more selective about who you follow. Continually repeat the process to find fascinating people to follow and to encourage others to find your excellent content.

Business Success with PR and Promotion

Every business has to make tough decisions on how best to use their budgets to promote themselves, and as a decision maker, you must understand what Public Relations is and what it can do for you.  Public Relations can help in making people aware of your company, products, services, people and issues that will attract your target market. Along with your marketing efforts and your internet presence, including social networks, you must use Public Relations to get the attention you need.

Public Relations can sometimes be used along with paid marketing, internet marketing, and social networking, among others. And keep in mind that publicity, promotion and public relations is the foundation to success and landing the media attention you need.

Knowing you agree, a better understanding of Public Relations and awareness of how to use it is needed to gain an increase in market share and as a tool to make sure you are seen as a leader in your field and in your segment of your market. If you decide to shun Public Relations you are leaving behind an opportunity that will be critical to your succeed.

Don’t forget to use public relations because it will help you be successful.

Public Relations helps companies create an identity in their industry, and to the media, who can give you needed credibility. Public Relations is the use of editorial outlets (magazines, newspapers, broadcast, both print and broadcast), special events, newsletters and other PR tools to convey a message to a targeted audience.

Public Relations is a discipline of management much like finance, accounting, human resources and law. There is a basic methodology that includes five points: goals, objectives, strategy, tactics and target audience. The better you can convey your message, the better your chances are that you will get noticed, and unlike marketing and advertising, Public Relations can and should be more personal and identifiable to you, your company, or your product. Public Relations is an art, but it is also a science.

You can use lots of ways to reach your target market and audience including getting booked on radio shows, getting booked on TV shows, becoming the quoted expert in magazines and newspapers and getting booked as the expert on the internet. Some of them are: press releases, appearing on radio shows, getting booked on TV shows, being the quoted expert or book author in magazines, newspapers and print, getting booked as the speaker at an event, writing articles.

The better you can convey your message, the better your chances are that you will get noticed, and unlike marketing and advertising, Public Relations can and should be more personal and identifiable to you, your company, or your product. Public Relations is an art, but it is also a science, as proved above.

Public Relations will add credibility or authority, it can create an opportunity to probe new markets for your product/service less expensively than advertising, test demand for new products in current markets and establish or increase awareness of your organization’s message among key buyers, decision makers, and influence important audiences.

Generating Targeted Traffic

Generating targeted traffic takes time and a massive effort.  In our digital world, if you have no traffic to your website your company is doomed to fail.

Many marketers believe that when they build the website the hard work is done. That couldn’t be further from the truth.  The most difficult part is driving traffic to your website, which is a very slow and painful process – and keeping them coming back.

Even established websites need to constantly work on driving new fresh traffic to their websites, keeping people interested and maintaining their original traffic.

Targeted Traffic – Many people subscribe to traffic generating exchanges. These exchanges will get you traffic but not buyers. You want targeted traffic people that are interested in what you are selling or services you are offering. In this post I will discuss how to get targeted traffic to your website.

Article Writing – Article writing has been and will continue to be one of the best free traffic generating methods. You simply write an article pertaining to the topic of your website, people visit your website after reading your article. Article writing is a skill you must learn there are many resources on the Internet to help you learn this valuable skill. Once you have taken the time to learn article writing and article marketing, you will be able to drive targeted traffic to the websites of your choice.

Become the Expert

Being the expert is where to be in today’s fast-paced, information-filled world.  Social media and eCommerce are arguably the most influential areas in business today. Thousands upon thousands of people are not only joining social media each day but they are also embracing the eCommerce aspect of business.

One of the reasons eCommerce has exploded is because companies, government and individuals are looking for ways to reach more people faster and at a lower cost. Currently there are more lenient taxes on eCommerce which also increases the attractiveness of this option to every business arena. Perhaps the most prevalent reason that eCommerce has exploded is the simple fact that it has become the social norm.

Over the years consumers have been exposed to the Internet in larger and more varied capacities. People began to see that not only did the web offer a source of useful information but was also a great tool to compare prices on a product or to do research on an item before she made her final purchasing decision.

Early on people would browse the Internet to see what was there then it became a quick fact finding tool (3 out of 5 purchases all start with Internet searches), then people attempted to buy small indiscreet services such as anti-virus over the Internet, and then finally started buying products. People have now reached the point at which they do almost all of their gift shopping exclusively through eCommerce.

The eCommerce arena has grown to a billion dollar a year industry and keeps on growing. Not only has it reached the baby boomer generation but also generation Y and everyone in between. We are surrounded by the digital age. Children born nowadays do not know the world without computer and the Internet. Just as the steam engine revolutionized the farming industry and changed the world forever so too has the computer and Internet changed the world we live in.

Regardless of the product or service you offer, if you are not adapting that product to the Internet arena you will surely get lost in the crowd just as the VCR has become a tool of the past. Just remember as the great western philosopher said, “it doesn’t matter if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just stand there!”

Effective Web Promotions In 6 Easy Steps

Creating website promotion content can be very simple, but there are many complex and complicated methods you can use that may make this process rather difficult to manage at times.  To achieve the best results from your promotion efforts, read through the following 6 tips that can promote your website immediately.

Step 1- Submit your website to all of the major search engine directories. By submitting your site to all of the major search engine directories, you will be giving your pages a chance to be connected to the most popular websites online today.

Step 2- Build a good number of back links that are pointing towards your web pages. Search engines highly value back links, because they believe a back link is similar to a vote that indicates your pages contain high quality content. The more reputable the site you can place your back links on the better too.

Step 3- Take advantage of PPC advertising. PPC advertising can give you a great advantage over your competitors, because these types of advertisements give you an instantaneous opportunity to rank high on search engines and place links on high quality pages. Once you start one of these campaigns, you will have an instant flow of traffic moving in the direction of your site.

Step 4- Take advantage of free advertising solutions. While PPC ads are often the most effective advertisements you can create online today, free advertising solutions are far more sustainable than expensive PPC ads. By utilizing various forms of advertising like article marketing, you can attract a large customer base to your site without spending a large amount of capital.

Step 5- Improve your personal reputation by building a highly professional and updated site. Web pages that are out of date and pages that are not designed in a very attractive fashion are often viewed as unimportant web pages by average Internet users. By making your entire website appear to be professionally designed, you can be certain that your visitors will be impressed by what they see.

Step 6- Tell your friends, family, and just about anybody about your site. By telling everyone you know about your site, you can instantly make it go viral. Once your content has become viral, you will receive tons of advertising through free word of mouth sources. Web pages that are of a very high quality are more likely to go viral than poorly made pages. If you provide content that makes your visitors want to talk about your site, you will likely find your website promotion tactics to be far more effective overall.

Don’t Confuse Pay-Per-Click With Pay-Per-Lead

It can be rather difficult to keep up with the many internet website marketing resources available nowadays. From SEO to e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing and advertising, pay-per-click and pay per lead; just to point out a few.  What’s the best online marketing tool for your company?

Search engine optimization: SEO as it is often referred to, is a way to optimise your website to perform well on search engines.  Loads of on-site and offsite work is done in order to boost a website’s page ranking and inward links to ensure that such a web site to perform better on the search engines. Website performance depends upon the level of popularity of the particular page. The more inbound links you have to your internet site and the higher your page rank, the better for your “image.”

Pay per impression: Several internet websites and search engines like google allows an individual to advertise with them on the basis that you pay them a certain amount of funds for each x-amount of times that your advertisement is shown. To prevent this from becoming a logistical headache, the calculations are generally done on thousands of impressions, as opposed to on each and every individual impression! It is crucial to choose web pages for such partnerships quite cautiously and to also ensure that they can deliver proof of the number of impressions.

Pay per click: This works on the same principle as earlier mentioned, with the primary difference that you don’t pay for each impression, but only when a guest actually mouse clicks on your advert and is redirected to your webpage. Google as an example has a very reputable pay per click program where you have total control over your spending budget, when your advertisements must run etc. By controlling your advertising campaign this way you can steer clear of nasty surprises at the end of the month!

Pay per lead: This is yet another kind of affiliate marketing online. If you are a website owner, you can make advertising space available on your site for other organizations to display their ad banners. Once the company receives a query this way it is seen as a lead and you will receive compensation for this lead. Leads do not always require actual payments. Insurance companies, for instance, regards the completion of an insurance cover quotation request as a lead whereas a car manufacturer can regard a booking for a test drive as a lead.

Email marketing: As the phrase suggest, this is promotion by means of electronic mail. Emails can be send out to promote specials, introduce new products and also to share any other fascinating information. It’s very important never to send any unrequested messages, and to make certain that your email would add value to the reader’s life. Nothing is worse than prolonged messages with no clear message.

What Are Web Analytics?

The internet is globalization’s answer to communication. We write personal letters online, do business, sell products, share information, photos, videos, and thoughts. Social influence tools are built in to websites, so that when people shop online it’s as if their friends are right there with them- revealing whether or not they “like” something.

But where should a company begin, after it decides to build an online presence? And which digital marketing tools will generate results?

Thankfully, the age of the internet has brought forth a variety of analytics tools which have made digital marketers efforts completely measurable. Google Analytics can track how many people are searching a keyword, how many of those people clicked on your PPC ad, how long they spent on your site, how many web pages they viewed, and how they got there in the first place.

If web analytics tools make online marketing transparent than why isn’t everyone using them?

Possibility #1: The company has the right technology, but not the staff.

Web analytics software is still not ‘smart’. It just gathers data. But the data won’t amount to anything without an intelligent human there to apply it. There is an overwhelming amount of data web analytics are capable of assembling, and it takes a trained analyst to sift through it all and make decisions about what the client actually needs to know. Furthermore, a good marketer will make short and long-term suggestions based on their analysis and additional market research.

Possibility #2: The company puts too much stock into other digital marketing techniques.

Online marketing doesn’t start and end with PPC and SEO. Decisions about how to manage these (and other) accounts should be based on what web analytics tell you. Digital marketing, like anything else requires a strategy, and strategy needs to be based on facts. If SEO article writing isn’t improving search ranking, than perhaps your approach is wrong, or your online distributor isn’t a good one. If a new PPC ad isn’t generating the number of hits the old one did, then maybe the copy isn’t effective, or competition has increased and so too must your maximum bid.

Most heads of business are interested in one thing- ROI. While the ROI of certain online marketing techniques are difficult to measure- such as social media, others are very straightforward. Why not impress your boss and clients with results that are tangible? Show them that your work has actually generated more sales for them and certainly more brand awareness.

Online marketing has entered a very aggressive stage, which means that a lot of people are starting to play with the available tools in a serious way. They are developing strategies that most companies don’t have the time and resources to manage themselves.

Elements of A Good Advertisement

Advertisements are all around us. Whether we’re watching television, driving down the freeway, flipping through a magazine, or listening to the radio, we are bombarded on every side by messages trying to get us to buy a product or service. And although there have been countless debates over whether or not advertising is effective and whether it really does influence people to purchase products, the fact is many companies will spend billions of dollars on a single advertisement in the hopes that it will increase their profits.

Advertising creates awareness of the product and can convey messages, attitudes, and emotions to entice and intrigue audiences. At least those are the desired effects of an advertisement. Needless to say, some advertisements fail miserably in their purpose.

So, what makes the difference between a successful advertisement and an unsuccessful one? It’s all in the design. Typically, larger organizations produce more effective advertisements, while newer and smaller companies are the ones that produce the duds. This is largely because bigger organizations have the money to hire professionals while smaller companies do not.

Learning how to create effective advertisements does not happen overnight, but there are a few simple rules that many workers for professional advertising agencies follow to create effective advertisements that will appeal to audiences and hopefully increase the company’s revenue. The following paragraphs list a few advertising principles that companies and advertisers follow when creating their own advertising campaigns.

Perhaps the most important quality of an advertisement is its uniqueness. In a world where people often see hundreds of advertisements a day, an advertisement must be unique and different in order to capture audiences’ attention. The simplicity of the advertisement stood out against posters and billboards that had busier images and much more text. Also, the use of bright, bold colors made people stop and look at the image. Even though the advertisement had little text on it, people got the message that this product was new, fun, and bold.

Of course, there are a variety of ways to make your advertisement stand out. Look around your area and write down descriptions of advertisements you see. What are the trends? Are they text heavy? Do they use similar colors? What kinds of images are on the advertisements? Once you start noticing trends, try to think of ways your advertisement can go against those trends and be something different–something that will make people stop and look.

One word of caution: Once you’ve made people stop and look at your advertisement, they need to be able to understand what you’re selling. You may have the most eye-catching image on your advertisement, but if it is completely unrelated to your product or service, then viewers won’t understand what you want them to buy. So, be sure that when you are selecting your images and text for your advertisement, people will understand what you’re trying to sell.

For instance, if your audience consists of young teenage girls, you might choose to use bright and bold colors, but for business people you may want to create an advertisement that uses more professional blues and blacks (but don’t be afraid to be a little bolder if you’re trying to stand out).

The key is to think of the general traits of your specific audience and try to reflect those traits in your advertisement. What do they value? What do they fear? What motivates them? Once you’ve answered those questions, it should be easier to come up with a few solid ideas for an advertising campaign.

Once you’ve developed some ideas for an eye-catching advertisement and identified how you want to communicate with your specific audience, some good, solid design principles need to come into play. The advertisement needs to be legible. Viewers shouldn’t have to work to get what you’re trying to say. The advertisement needs balance. One side shouldn’t feel heavier than the other. The advertisement should also make good use of contrast, repetition, color, and pattern. When these design elements are implemented well into an advertisement, the result is a fabulous ad that will appeal aesthetically to viewers.

So, if you’re thinking of creating a new ad or ad campaign for your company, by following the above guidelines and suggestions, you can create the most effect advertisements as possible, convey the message you want to convey, and be one your way to increasing revenue.

Twitter Marketing Made Simple with Software

Marketing on Twitter has long been something people have been trying to do. Many of them successfully without using any kind of software or tools but for the most part people are failing. The simple reason for this is that Twitter is a place filled with thousands even millions of people that generally aren’t looking for anything in particular, they are simply there to waste some time and communicate with people in their social network. Your job as a marketer is to break through that barrier of not wanting to buy anything and get them interested.

In order to accomplish that task you need to find people that show somewhat of an interest in what you are trying to market. Finding these people isn’t all that hard, however it is extremely time consuming. It still takes some brain power as does just about everything when it comes to marketing, however with the right Twitter software or you will be able to start locating these people and start pushing high quality free traffic to your website.

Many people out there state that Twitter is not a very good source of traffic for the simple fact that most of it isn’t that targeted and nobody is really in the mood to buy, unlike when you use search marketing and use PPC or SEO to target terms people are searching for when they want to purchase something. Twitter users may require to see your message more than once as they are likely distracted at the time they view it, without using software or some sort of marketing tool then this is nearly impossible.

The other great thing about using Twitter tools is that they do save you a ton of time. Using Twitter marketing software you’re able to become a more productive and much more efficient marketer. They allow you to hunt down your targets and market directly to them rather than simply having to tweet something and hope it shows up in front of someone’s screen and they click on your link. Making use of @reply tweets can be extremely profitable and if you check the resource box you’ll find out about my personal favorite as well as what is believed to be the best and most powerful Twitter marketing tool available on the market today.

JumpStart Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are probably not news to you. These social networking websites have taken the Internet by storm and people now spend roughly 23% of their Internet time on them. But is your business taking advantage of the oodles of potential customers that frequent these sites?

Yet many businesses are still MIA, or have a whole 12 Twitter followers (10 of those being relatives or people who owed you a favor).

We’ve seen new technology like this with vast marketing potential before. Rewind 16 years to when businesses depended on newspapers and phone book advertisements, only to see the rise of the Internet. Today, some businesses still do not have a web presence or suffer under clunky websites. Social networking is the next opportunity for you to catch up or fall further behind.

In the future, activity on social networks will keep increasing, meaning more people spending more time on a select few social networks. Businesses that are positioned to tap into the powerful pool of potential customers will flourish, while others risk being shut out or down. This blog post is not intended to scare you. We’re not even trying to just promote our business. What we are doing is providing some heads up advice. Here are some key points to get started:

·Determine if you have a functioning website that doesn’t look like it’s partying like it’s 1999. Can your site accept customer payments or do you need a shopping cart? Where do you show up on search engines like Google and Bing?

·Create a social media campaign to establish a presence on major social network websites. Register fan and business pages and hone your message.

·Start sending out punchy messages, offer special online deals, and collect, collect, collect fans and followers. You have to keep these messages up, be consistent, offer advice, and interact with followers. Otherwise you’re just sending out the same three business promos over and over, which is boring.

One more time, you can try this yourself or a marketing business like ours can dramatically accelerate your efforts and save you time. The main point is no matter what you decide, do this! Social networks will open up new avenues to increase business and help you stay relevant, at least until that next big technology change washes over us.

Backlink Ideas for more Web site Traffic

Folks are often looking for unique strategies of obtaining backlinks to their websites. SEO articles can very easily explain different techniques you can do that, as link building can be a highly critical part of it.

A typical approach is reciprocal link building where folks surf the internet for comparable sites and ask the webmasters for collaboration based on reciprocal links. Though this sort of technique may well be pretty well-known, not everybody agrees on its beneficial outcomes.

There are lots of people who believe one-way links are much better than reciprocal ones. Most individuals don’t like adding another person’s link on their site, even if they obtain the exact same thing in return, since the search engines don’t appear to value these sort of reciprocal links extremely a lot nowadays. Having this agreement with someone with a significantly lower page rank won’t do you any good, and individuals with higher page rank aren’t normally interested. So, if this sort of link building isn’t for you, there are often other backlink ideas you are able to use.

Probably the most obvious method to generate backlinks would be to write articles for article directories. This approach can work wonders but it does take a great deal of time to write all those articles.  Nevertheless, you may continually locate a person on a jobs board to write the articles for you.  It may perhaps take some time to uncover someone with the proper mixture of high skills and low price, but the effort is certainly worthwhile.

An additional well-known marketing and backlink concept would be to use forums. Forums are quick to access and you are able to simply leave posts with links to your internet site. The a lot more posts you leave, the most effective chance you’ve got that traffic will be directed to your website. If you are not a massive fan of forums, you are able to also use blogs or join distinctive blog networks to get backlinks. You may have your own blogs that you are able to use to direct traffic to your web site, but you’ll be able to also do it by leaving comments on other people’s blogs.

A fantastic way to increase the effectiveness of your link building strategy is to use link networks which will supply you with one-way links without requiring significantly effort. Membership in such a network might cost you a small sum, however it will pay for itself many time over in terms of increased traffic.

Text to Promote, Boost Sales

If you are looking for new ways to promote products, services and business, then bulk SMS service (text messaging) may be advantageous. Presently, text messaging marketing is gaining in popularity.

Initially, people were not very familiar with this concept but now it has become highly popular and the most preferred marketing campaign which target bigger objectives like higher sales and high revenue as well. The primary objective of any business is to get maximum number of clients. And if they get success in their endeavor means they achieve their set target like higher sales and high income.

There are number of Bulk SMS services providers in the market offering highly effective and business oriented SMS services at the cost effective prices. But before availing these services from any company first of all ensure about their data that whether they are targeting the same what you are looking for because many times it is found that they take money from your and also send the massage but when we talk about enquiries about products and services, they fail to deliver their words.

You must also ensure that the SMS services you are going to avail must come from the reliable and best SMS services provider which is highly committed for deliver you result. SMS service taken by you must strengthen your SMS marketing campaign. If the SMS providers would be reputed and reliable then you will receive a number of feedbacks from customers regarding your products, services and business.

For sending SMS, you have to draft or prepare an attractive and alluring text.  Also try to define your products, services and business in minimum possible words so that your target customer can know brief about your business easily and effectively. While sending message to your target group always remember that it let you to send a variety of multimedia messages so that you can stay ahead and beat your competitors in the SMS marketing business.

At the present, bulk SMS service is very popular among not only in US but also other part of the world as well. So the most significant thing, you have to keep in mind while choosing SMS services. You have to get assurance from service provider for fair rate quotation because there are several fake companies which may deceive you, so instead concentrate on completing your homework to find a reliable provider who takes care of the consumers’ needs.

Increase Sales with this Simple Tool

The B2B sales world is experiencing troubled times that seem just the opposite of what they were 10 years ago. Two of the more significant things we’re witnessing are: 1) Fewer prospects converting to actual sales, and 2) longer sales cycles.

Budget consciousness, cutbacks, and “analysis paralysis” are major factors in these problematic sales symptoms. Today, people want to know if you can make more money for them, or save them a bunch of money out of the gate.

One of the particular problems for high-value sales is that their value proposition can oftentimes be difficult to understand. Even with the onset of social media and all its “free samples,” the real magic of what a worthwhile sales team can produce is barely visible until they actually have an opportunity to deliver their services…at which point the astonished client has more “Wow!” moments than they could imagine.

If you’re in this situation, here’s something that might help you convert more prospects to clients while reducing the sales cycle.

About 10 years ago, there was a particular sales system that showed something that was quite revealing for increasing sales conversions with relative ease. Here’s the story and subsequent results.

An outsourced sales client had a tremendously valuable consulting service, but no brand name. The service price was approximately $30k per year, while the net profits they produced were 5x-10x annually. Tremendous value, right?

The problem is that as an unknown brand, it was only converting 1 out of 10 sales appointments for them, which was more than frustrating, it was pathetic. Upon further investigation, they found that the client used a very revealing diagnostic assessment, which they applied only after they secured a new client, to determine the before and after profile as a snapshot. They used that analysis to drive the new initiatives in their new client’s organization for very nice profits.

They suggested moving the diagnostic out of the consulting process and into the sales process and charging a nominal fee for it. What happened next was nothing short of a sales turnaround. They started closing 4 out of 10 for the paid diagnostic, and 3 out of those 4 converted to sales. That one simple move tripled sales conversions and shortened the sales cycle by 45 days on average.

While dramatic, this system has been used repeatedly to produce 33%-50%, and sometimes up to 100%, more sales conversions in subsequent test results.

What follows are the best practices of such a system:

Quantify PAIN – this is the most important ingredient in the system
Isolate the problems so they can be clearly addressed
Prioritize the solutions – make it simple for the prospect to understand how you’ll go about delivering the solution.
Provide samples that are directly related to the prospect’s solution – in other words, tell them how you plan to alleviate their PAIN.

Even though this is a proven system, they found the reaction from numerous high-priced consultants to be counter-intuitive to their belief system. The most common reaction is, “Why would I provide my prospect with my blueprint for success and still expect them to become a client?”

This is a fair question, but what you’ll find is that this is an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise while having the prospect provide clear information that quantifies the potential ROI. In the end, you’ll find that prospects won’t argue with their own data, and that’s a huge advantage for you. When PAIN and ROI are combined, it’s a solid business winning formula.

Here are some things to consider about moving your diagnostic tool into the sales process:

There is a HUGE difference between theory and execution. What you already clearly grasp as a consultant is far different from what your prospects can actually execute.

Your prospect has already demonstrated a weakness in this specific area, so what are the chances they can move forward…even with your clearly laid-out plan to effectively execute? There’s less than 20% probability of them doing it well, which means they’ll wind up calling you to work for them…even if they first attempt it themselves.

Implementing such a concept as the paid diagnostic in the sales process can actually pay for some, or all, of the cost to acquire new clients. It’s pretty cool how this process alone can be a new revenue source for you while you’re working toward generating new client revenue.

One last thing – even though you might consider offering something for free, there’s a tremendous benefit in getting them to pay for the proposed solution. I know this contrasts the new “free info” era, but they value what they pay for, and are more likely to take action based on a solid diagnosis and proposed solution far more quickly than what has been provided for free. Don’t let this thought be lost as you consider better sales process options. You want to convert more sales, right?

Driving Sales with Joint Venture Alliances

In today’s business environment, complementary companies that work together to share their customers’ database will probably recognize a higher return on these marketing effort than those with other forms of traditional, client outreach.

As some face a downturn in their businesses, a joint marketing venture can help those with limited resources and time engage their partner’s loyal customers in a setting that should increase their business potential.

Most businesses think of marketing as just another expense of running their business, no different than payroll, accounting, or other overhead items. What most entrepreneurs fail to realize is that marketing actually offers their business great financial leverage.

Every company has built in a gold mine of customers who are loyal fans. These clients are typically the ones who recommend a product or service to others in need. As most business execs already know, the ultimate form of customer development takes the form of a referral from a satisfied customer.

For those who want to consider a joint marketing alliance, here are some suggested steps to consider.

Understanding first, who you are and what you do differently: Articulate and implement a “Unique Selling Proposition” into every facet of your sales and marketing efforts. By creating a USP, it provides the ability to separate your business from that of your competitors. Your proposition should be developed around your strengths and your competitors’ weaknesses. Some general USP premises might be lower prices, biggest selection, longest warranty, convenience, quality, superior services, better guarantee or anything that sets you apart from the pack.

Have something in common: For a joint venture to work, two local businesses must have the same customer demographic group in common. Take a neighborhood pediatrician and an orthodontist as one example. Both deal with children and parents who want a medical professional to help care for their children. A jewelry store and women’s fashion boutique is another type of business with similar customers. They typically have a major overlap of common customer characteristics.

Capturing your customers’ information is a company’s largest asset: It’s important in today’s economy, for all businesses to have consent from their customers to receive information about other products and services offered. As part of the new info gathering process, the simplest way to accomplish this is by implementing a loyalty/rewards program for their customers. With today’s electronic communication abilities, one of the easiest and most cost efficient forms of communication is through email. By capturing every customers name and email address creates a conduit for information to be communicated between the consumer and business.

Build the communications tool to share information about the other companies’ product or service: For example, let’s imagine that a new customer takes her child to the orthodontist for braces. The orthodontist could later send an email to that customer recommending the pediatrician as an associate with a warm referral and recommendation. Taking the names and contact information of the children’s parents who are in the typical age bracket for a pediatrician services, they could additionally send emails to all of the other patients. In return, the pediatrician could send a similar email about the orthodontist to their customers. This builds leverage into each other’s marketing efforts, reduces marketing costs and creates a new potential customer base for each business to benefit from.

Embrace social media as a new way to share compliments with their raving fans: If you have a business and haven’t embraced a Facebook Fan Page, it’s time to start by building one. As well, a business should set up a LinkedIn Group for their business. Once these social media tools are in place, a business professional can make positive comments about the other person’s organization.

For example, let’s suppose that the orthodontist had a child with a broken arm. He could write on the pediatrician’s fan page or LinkedIn group a comment on how the doctor helped his child overcome the pain and the fear of the cast. And, if the doctor had a new way to reset the boys arm with a new product or treatment, he could also comment on it with a picture.

Joint marketing efforts can truly accelerate the warm referral processes for complementary organizations. However for this to truly work, both must show a consistent amount of commitment to help the other reach out to their loyal base of clients. Once they do, they should see a higher return on their marketing outreach investments with a minimal cost.

How to get the most from sales training

The right sales training courses and sales programs can improve the performance of your sales teams, so it is important to meticulously plan them. Still, when the courses and programs are not followed through, it will lower the chance of realizing its true potential. That is why, with every sales course that your company invests in, make sure that there is a proper follow-through.

Follow through on training – Developing a proper follow-through program requires careful planning as well. Your company should develop the metrics to be later analyzed and evaluated using methods that have been well thought out for both in-house and out-on-the-field training. Some factors that need to be taken into consideration include
the staffing requirements, time constraints and the compensation. The planning may take a substantial amount of time, but the end result of the follow-through program will be one that is easily implemented after the first few sales courses.

Evaluation of performance – In developing the metrics and procedures, depending on the sales training courses, there are several variables that you need to consider. It is important, however, to keep the before and after sales metrics constant. As for the evaluation methods, they should always include self-assessment by the individual and team, as well as a managerial evaluation.

Post training communication – One important part of a successful follow-through program to sales training courses and sales programs is the post-training communication and coaching. Though the participants may not have immediate questions after the training, they will most likely have some questions after applying some of the techniques and methods in real-life situation.

It is therefore essential for the sales manager to provide coaching and is accessible for the participants to ask questions later on. The sales manager should also be receptive to whatever concerns and motivations issues that the participants have. By communicating the questions and concerns, problems that have gone unnoticed can be identified.

Review of results – One problem that may arise after the sales course is that sales results have not increased all across the sales team. If this occurs, then the issue might lie on the sales training courses and it might not be the right one for your company and staff. It is important for your company to consider the individuality factor of each sales staff – and don’t just force feed them the information. They are not trained robots that will do whatever is being told. Good sales training courses should provide them with new skills, ideas and techniques – and ultimately able to motivate the sales person so that higher sales goals can be achieved.

When the sales training courses and sales programs are selected and done properly with a follow-through plan, they should provide a steady return of investment for your company. A post-training follow-through procedure could be what your company’s strategy has been missing to achieve better sales numbers.

If your company does not have the how-to knowledge to implement a post-training process, you should know that many sales courses now offer follow-through as well. You should consider taking this value-added benefit to take full advantage of your investment. Just as a salesperson must follow through on a sales and lead, a company must have a follow-through on training in place. If sales training course can help your sales team sell double, a follow-through program can help them sell triple and more

The Many Facets of Good Business PR

Public relations is present in every aspect of your business – so where are you coming up short in your image?

There is a lot more to public relations than just press releases and media alerts.

The whole idea of public relations is based on an idea. If you have a product or a vision then you have an idea, and good PR always starts with an idea.

So you have an idea but how do you take it and make sure that it delivers in every avenue of promotion for your business or other venture? You have to know why you want to do it so you can implement it and you have to work fast. You also have to know all the facets of PR so you can connect all the dots and get your message out there via as many channels as possible.

The Benefits of Multiple PR Channels – There are many ways public relations can influence the way people think and make decisions – one of these ways is through publicity. It is a whole lot more than press releases. It requires communicating with the media and keeping in tune with what they are working on at the moment. A PR professional knows what is going on currently and they can tie your message in with current news with how it relates to your business, your product, or how you are trying to position yourself in your industry. This is only one facet of good public relations. Some of the other facets include:

• Social Media: With a society and world that is becoming increasingly mobile, social media is a great way to create personal one-on-one communications with many people. The problem with social media that it has been abused by people who do not know how to use it effectively to create a rapport with their client base. Instead they simply send out messages haphazardly and often to an audience who does not have an interest or anything to do with the person’s business venture or product.

What these people do not realize is they are wasting a valuable PR tool that can be an essential piece to growing their business through PR. Not the only piece, but a pretty significant one when it is used with a specific strategy and with the greater good in mind. Although there are many different types of social media platforms you must do your homework to find the ones that are appropriate for your specific topic.

For example, if your business is about drug therapy for the elderly and you choose a social media site that has a primarily younger crowd your social media plan will most likely hit the wrong audience. Social media takes time and dedication so you want to ensure you make it count by doing your research ahead of time.

• Surveys and Marketing Research: To be effective with PR you have to get inside the minds of your target market and the only way to do this is through surveys and marketing research. If you do not know what makes your audience tick how can you possibly create an effective PR strategy that will speak to the needs of your audience?

You have to conduct your research in a way that encourages people to be honest. If you run up to someone and ask them what they think they may not be honest with you because in general people do not want to hurt the feelings of others. However, there are survey instruments that can be done to help you monitor emotional responses where you will be more likely get more precision-oriented answers that are honest.

• Awards: Awards are another way of using public relations in your favor if you know how to use it to your advantage. A good PR professional is able to research what awards are considered credible in your industry which will provide you with the most mileage out of public relations.

For example, there are companies that provide awards, but if you are chosen you have to buy your own certifications, trophies and plaques. This could hurt your credibility because somewhere along the line it will be discovered that the award is from a company that makes money off of selling awards, and everyone gets “picked.”

A PR professional can help you to link up with credible award panels and ensure that the award is relevant to what you have actually done.

• Speaking Engagements: Public speaking is great for getting the word out and if you have quality information that is useful to your audience you will garner a lot of attention for you and your company. Remember that it works the same way as communicating with the media. If you show interest in the organization you want to speak in front of, they will take an interest in what you have to say. If it is all about you, then expect to be waiting a long time for that opportunity to speak. It is also a great way to get your name out to people who have influence in your industry and to meet and learn from other professionals.